Save hundreds on your next trip! (VPN)

Save hundreds on your next trip ! (VPN)

When it comes to plan your next trip, you probably have already made up your mind to save as much money as possible on airfare, car rentals and hotel rooms. You did right ?

Now i’m pretty sure you have searched for the best deals online, compared prices and then gone back to the original site to be chocked that the the prices had increased !! Believe me when i say We’ve all been there, but why does that always happen?!

As you probably already know, prices for airline tickets, car rentals ot hotel rooms are likely fluctuate so they naturally rise and fall, but within the span of an hour or two ? YUP, you guessed it right.. something really fishy is going on!

Online agenices know how easy it is to shop prices so they tend to make you act fast, before the prices rise even more using the mentality “If you don’t get it now… The price will increase!”

Save hundreds on your next trip ! (VPN)

With that all said, most travelers agree that the most irritating part of travelling is finding the best deals. We’re always looking to minimise the costs by employing every little trick possible to ensure that the results are the best ones available. Well, that could be really hard when your internet browser and location both work against you. Book engines can actually charge you more based on your browsing history or location. If they know you’ve run multiple searches for the same flight over the past few weeks, you may notice prices suddenly going up, even more you can be charged more just based on the location you’re booking from. Can you imagine that two travelers one from France and other from Australia may be charged different prices when booking the exact same ticket !!

But how do book engines track your browsing history and location ?

Easy as pie, they use cookies !!

These cookies allow them to track your IP address to track your exact location and go through your browsing history to know how serious you are about booking a ticket, a hotel room or rent a car, so they could adjust the price accordingly.

To avoid this stressfull situation and get the best deals all you need to :

  • Convince the portal website that you are purchasing from somewhere where the currency rate is lower or where the company is based. As online prices fluctuate according to the point of sale, you will see a huge dip in the prices simply by changing your IP address to another from a poorer location.
  • Search for what you want using one IP adress and then purchase the same things using another IP adress. As far as the search engine can tell, there are totally two different people searching for the same flight so it’s highly possible you won’t exprience the price hike.
  • Use the internet anonymously and privately to stop your browser from storing any cookies.

Ok now i bit you feel lost and have no idea how to do all this… Don’t worry i’m not here to make things complicated, i’m only here to help you.

It might come as a surprise to some, but a VPN is the best tool to avoid the whole irritating process of getting the best deals!

By connecting to the internet via a server run by a VPN provider, you can easily change your IP address location to anywhere in the world, surf the internet anonymously and privately so no one could track your browsing history, and so many other features that will totally help you whether you’re a traveller or not !

However, when it comes to choosing a good VPN service you should be carefull, because not all VPNs offer what you really need.

During the past couples of years, i’ve tried countless VPNs services but none of them worked as i expected. However, a little while ago i started using VPN.Express and i can’t stop using since then. Here is why :

  • Can be used on any device
  • Allows you to connect as many devices as you want at one time
  • Wild list of top performing servers from around the world
  • Most advanced encryption protocols
  • Lightning connection speed
  • High levels of security and protection
  • Never stores any customer logs whatsoever
  • Most reliable customer service with 24/7 chat support team and maximum 15 min e-mail response policy
  • Reasonable prices
  • Free trial and 7 day no question asked money back guarantee.

So, i strongly recommed you start using VPN.Express today and find the best deals on the internet !