OUR MOTHER Žitije Venerable Paraskeva – Friday

This glorious, ravnoangelna saint was of Serbian origin, was born in Epivat between Silimvrije and Constantinople. St. Petka’s parents were wealthy and pious men lived in all the commandments of God, and after his life decorates charity and good deeds. In addition to Petka You’ll have those, and one son Euthymius. They educate their children in piety: učahu them every virtue and life for God. Once Petka as a ten year old girl when the mother was at church, heard the words of the Divine Gospel: Whoever wants to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow me (Mk. 8, 34). I say this to her urezaše deep into the heart. Upon leaving the church she met a beggar, and touted by the mother she laid by her own an expensive dress and gave it to a beggar, a cama put on his rags. When you came home and saw the parents in rags, they reviled and strictly zapretiše her not to do so. But she continues to extend to do. On the scolding because she has parents responded that they otherwise might live.

Brothers Petkinog Euthymius parents gave the school. Eager Jevtimije more perfect spiritual life, with the consent of a parent, a monk. As a monk to pass on because of his ascetic life, and was elected bishop Maditskog. As bishop he glorified the virtues and the struggle with heretics. Retires to a very old age and was buried in the Cathedral. During his lifetime and after Representation on He made many miracles.

After the death of his parents maiden Petka, always eager ascetic life for Christ’s sake, be strict Spor feats: emulating the life of the saint, she fasting and vigil umrtvljivaše your body and spirit by potčinjavaše. But all the burning desire to live by the Lord and love the Lord, she does not stay long in Mogadore mnogometežnom world, but leave the parental home, leave the world, and went to Constantinople to pay homage to the local place. Visiting these medals, she met a lot of ardent ascetics and receive many valuable lessons from them. And their advice she lived in a suburb of Iraklijskom in the church of the Protection of the Holy Virgin, and there spends in prayer, fasting and tears five years.

Fulfilling his longstanding wish she departed to Palestine, and bowing holy places, sanctified the Savior life, she lived in the Jordanian desert. And there provođaše ravnoangelni life. Bogovidca imitating the prophet Elijah and John the Baptist, it is only hranjaše desert grass, in very small amounts, and at sunset. Gradually melting from the heat and from cold, resist her eyes only to Solitary Bot that calm may come from the heart and discouragement from the wind. Who could express all the pains and sufferings and torments, and demonic temptations, which suffered the world Paraskeva over many years? Who could know how she shed tears, and how many sighs to God send? Who could describe her daily struggles with the body, the thoughts, and the devils led until they were totally defeated? – The only all-seeing God, because only He could see and know all its ventures. There in her was not worrying about the vain things of this world: she cared only about the purification of his soul on the answer to the future Court, and of the meeting with the Heavenly bridegroom go. “You, my Zenica, looking for”, – he said Venerable Paraskeva, and constantly imađaše in mind the words of the Song of Songs: Show me those whom my soul loves (1, 6). Its main and constant concern was: how to decorate your burner, and the wise girls to meet the Heavenly Bridegroom, and hear his sweet voice, and nasladiti was watching his beauty. Yes, just about that she pastas, and said: When will I come and show the face of God? (Ps. 41, 3).

While such a life in the wilderness vođaše Venerable Paraskeva, cunning devil envied her the virtues and is trying to intimidate the fantasies and illusions. Often times getting yourself looking at a variety of beasts, he kidisaše the world ascetics, eda would have interfered in the way venture. But the beautiful bride of Christ Paraskeva “chose the Most High himself for refuge” (Ps. 90: 9) and His help, a sign of the Holy Cross, odgonjaše Devils as cobwebs Kidasi all the devil’s traps, and completely defeat the devil. Because she, in her feminine nature, runs the male mind, and beat the devil as a David-Goliath. Decorating his soul such feats and virtues, the world Paraskeva became vozljubljena bride of Christ, and to fulfill her prophetic word Caru will mitigate your beauty (Ps. 44, 12). For this Car moves in it with the Father and the Holy Spirit, and dwelling in it as in His holy church. Because the world Paraskeva, saving your soul from sin and defilement, really made himself the church of the living God.

So, living for many years in the wilderness, Venerable Paraskeva, when one night, after the manner of his standing in prayer with umilenjem’re giving their hands to heaven, he saw an angel of God in the form of Serene boys who are coming to her, he said: Leave the desert, and came to your homeland; it is necessary that there predeš his body to the ground, and the soul to move the Lord. Udubivši is the meaning of this vision, Venerable Umeda that this is an order from God. I rejoiced that she will soon be resolved by the body, but also mourned that will be split up with the desert: because nothing does it cleanses the soul and does not bring it to Prvoliku like a desert and solitary prayer tihovanje. However, in obedience to the will of heaven, Venerable go to their homeland. Doputovavši the capital city Istanbul she visited a beautiful church of Saint Sophia; also visit the Church of the Holy Virgin in the Blachernae and bowing miraculous icon Bogomatere, went abroad to their homeland Epivat. Here she live through another two years, without changing the way his desert life than spending all the time in labor, fasting and prayer. And when the time of her departure to God, Venerable prayed earnestly to God for himself and for the whole world and so gave to God in prayer blessed my soul. Her body would be buried by the Christian religious tradition, but not at the general cemetery, but separately, as a body of foreigners that no one was told where it is. God, willing to celebrate his ugodnicu, and uncovered the relics of its operations for many years, and in the following way: near where Venerable Mother Paraskeva was buried podvizavaše be on the pole in a prayerful quietness stylite. It happens that there would be waves dumped the body of someone who is a sailor on board the ship hard to get sick and died. Of this corpse stood spread tremendous stench that was simply impossible to go that way. The stench that could suffer even stylite, and therefore would be compelled to come down the stairs and ordered some people to dig a deep hole and bury the stinking corpse. Digging a hole these people, according to foreknowledge of God, netljeno found the body lying in the earth, and were astonished to it. But as a free and nevježe, they repented at the necessary attention to and not understood properly. And they said among themselves: When this body was holy, God would have to be found through any miracles. – With such reasoning they re zatrpaše netljeno body earth, throwing out there and stinking corpse, and they went to their homes. And when night falls, one of them, a Georgia man hristoljubiv, praying to God in their home. I had to fall asleep before dawn, he saw in a dream an empress sitting on a throne, Serene, and around it there is a big variety of light troops. Seeing this, Georgi fear fell, and he fell to the ground, as there was able to watch the splendor and beauty. And one of these light troops took Georgia’s hand, lifted him up and said to him: George, why so omalovažiste body Venerable Mother Paraskeva, burial beside him stinking corpse? Immediately remove the body and place it on the Venerable worthy place because God wants to glorify his maid on earth – then this bright and Empress said Georgia: Make haste, and took out my musts and laid them on the garlic town, I can not stand the stench of corpses. Because I’m a man, and my homeland Epivat where you now live.

That same night imađaše such as seeing and a pious woman named Euthymius. The next day they both tell everyone about his visions. When you heard the pious people, all with candles rushed to the relics of Venerable Mother Paraskeva and pulling out of them with great awe from the earth, and they rejoiced them as a valuable commodity. Relics Bise solemnly placed in the church of the saints and svehvalnih Apostles Peter and Paul, in Epivat. Venerable Mother Paraskeva they gave prayers of the holy relics of its many healing the sick: the blind receive their sight, the lame prohođahu, various patients and besomučnici gain health.

Two centuries after our mother Representation Venerable Paraskeva Istanbul and its surroundings were under the rule of the Crusaders conquest of the Pope. In 1238 pious Bulgarian Emperor John Asen decided to holy relics of Venerable Mother Paraskeva from the hand of tyrannical power cruisers. And when the car Asen delivered the Crusaders their intention to holy relics of Venerable Mother Paraskeva transferred his capital in Trnovo, cruisers immediately consented to give them to him because they were afraid of the mighty emperor. Then the king sent the blessed Mark, Metropolitan Perejaslavnog, with many bishops and priests to the holy relics of Venerable transferred to Trnovo. In Trnovo relics Bise solemnly welcomed and placed in pridvornoj church where one, resting netljeno, točahu variety of healing all those who keep coming to them with faith.

After a while, when the Turkish sultan Bajazet captured Trnovo, then all the treasures and holy shrines Bise snapped. Then frontal relics of St. Paraskeva Bise transferred to Wallachia. And when the Turks captured and Wallachia in 1396, the Serbian occupation of the Empress Milica at the sultan Bayezid these relics Bise transferred to Serbia in Belgrade. In Belgrade, then the church of St. Petka, which exists to this day (in the Kalemegdan fortress), which is also a source of Sv. Fives with miraculous holy water. Belgraders and other devout believers go often, and especially on Fridays, the temple and the source of Sv. Fives and receive help from it grace through faith his.

In 1521 Sultan Suleiman II, taking Beograd, Seizure and garlic relics of Venerable Mother Paraskeva, transfer them to Constantinople and placed in their palaces. And there bivahu many wonders of bogosilnih holy relics, and holy mother Paraskeva slavljaše not only among Christians but also among Muslims. But it troubled Muslims, and they fear that the belief in the miraculous power of the holy relics of St. Paraskeva not spread even more among Muslims, but also because of the application and the taking of Christians, they delivered these sacred relics of Constantinople Christians, these cloves and laid them at the Patriarchal church.

In 1641 Basil Lupul pious, Duke and lord of Moldovan land, receiving the news that the sacred relics of Venerable Mother Paraskeva located in the Patriarchal Church in Istanbul, with all my heart that they Eljas cloves transferred to the Orthodox country. This wish a sustained his Lord, celebrated in His saints, and wishing that in Moldova celebrate his saint, he put into the heart of the Constantinople Patriarch PARTEN thought to meet the wishes of the Moldovan masters. Then the patriarch, with the consent of the whole sveštenog Parliament and the consent of the other most holy patriarchs, the job front relics of Venerable Paraskeva pious mother of our lord, duke Vasily in his capital city Iasi. There, with great celebration and to the great joy of the inhabitants of the whole of Moldova, relics Bise placed in the church Three Hierarchs Council, on 14 October 1641 year. Beautiful wonders of his relics continually praising the Lord, always wonderful in His saints.

Venerable Justin Popović

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